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Virgin Australia launches Future Flight Credits, with strings attached

Virgin Australia has unveiled a new type of travel credit which can be used to book flights until June 2023. The Future Flight Credit replaces some of the credits passengers received for Virgin and Tigerair flights and holiday packages that were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Customers eligible to receive a Future Flight Credit include:

  • certain customers with flights or holiday package bookings made prior to 20 April 2020 that have been cancelled
  • customers holding Travel Bank credits issued prior to 20 April 2020
  • customers with a claim for monetary expenses in connection with a flight or holiday package booking made prior to 20 April 2020.

Virgin says it will notify customers who are entitled to receive a credit, or you can enquire directly by calling 13 67 89.

If you made your booking via a travel agent, you will need to contact your agent for assistance.

The credit comes with some strings attached.

First, it can be used to book economy or business class flights operated by Virgin Australia, but not codeshare flights with partners such as Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways.

Bookings must be made by 31 July 2022 for travel to 30 June 2023.┬áThe booking can be in anyone’s name, and the credit can be used over multiple bookings.

The credit must be used to book a specific fare type called a Future Credit Fare, and Virgin says that availability will be limited. In other words, just because there are unsold seats on a flight doesn’t mean you’ll be able to book a seat using your credit.

A Future Credit Fare will need to be available, and Virgin recommends “booking early”.

As well as paying for the fare itself, the credit can be used to upgrade to Economy X as well as for excess baggage, carbon offset and lounge pass fees.

To find out more, check out the info Virgin has published on its website here.

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