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Qantas launches four-day “Big Points Sale”

Qantas has launched a four-day “Big Points Sale” with discounts on the points price of flights, hotels and car hire, as well as savings at the Rewards Store and Qantas Wine, until Monday night.

But before you get too excited, note that the sale excludes the better value “classic rewards” for flights, hotels and wine – only the more expensive Points Plus Pay method of payment is covered. This is usually a poor deal, even with a discount, and only makes sense if you have no other way to spend your points (i.e. on classic rewards).

Other exclusions also apply.

Here’s what’s on offer with the sale:

  • 20% off domestic flights using Points Plus Pay (doesn’t apply to Classic Flight Rewards)
  • 20% off at the Rewards Store, which sells products from headphones to luggage and, of course, toasters (excludes existing sale items and gift cards or vouchers)
  • 20% off at Qantas Wine (excludes existing sale items and items with bonus points, and Classic Wine Rewards)
  • 20% off the points needed with Qantas Hotels for bookings until 31 December 2020 (excludes Classic Hotel Rewards)
  • 20% off points needed for Avis car hire for travel until 30 September 2021.

You can also save 20% off the price of topping up your points balance – but again, this is very expensive and not recommended.

I’m not excited about this sale at all, but if you’re keen to spend your points, you may be able to find a decent deal by looking around carefully.

More information about the sale is available here.

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  1. Apparently I had priority notice before the ‘sale’ which it isn’t really a sale just frankly. And less then 8 hours you release the story. I think QANTAS has handled this while status retain and refunds very poorly. They could learn a lot from other airlines like Finnair.


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