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Still waiting for 2,000 Qantas Points after updating your contact info?

In mid-July, Qantas offered 2,000 points for members to update their contact details, saying that participants would receive their points in six weeks – a deadline that has now passed.

Several readers contacted me this week to advise that they haven’t received their points yet, and when I checked my account, neither had I.

You’ll recall that this offer was live for only a couple of days. It appeared to be an incentive for members to update their contact details so that Qantas could implement 2-factor authentication for online logins.

Since the offer was live for such a short period of time, it makes me wonder if it was meant to be publicly available at all. Qantas often sends targeted offers to some of its customers, and this could have been one of them – except due to a glitch or mistake, Qantas made the URL available to everyone.

I thought at the time that 2,000 points was overly generous and would be very expensive for Qantas if it was taken up by many people (and judging from the response to my post, it was).

There has been some speculation that Qantas wouldn’t honour the deal, and with the six-week deadline for crediting the points having passed, it looked like that could be the case.

Yesterday, I reached out to Qantas to find out what’s going on. I asked them if they intended to honour the deal and they assured me that they would. Their exact words were that “the points will be transferred to members’ accounts within the next 7 days”.

So, keep an eye on your account balance and let’s see what happens.


Quite a few readers reported getting their 2,000 points on Friday, 8 September (as did I). If your points don’t arrive soon, you may wish to lodge an online enquiry with Qantas.


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