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Qantas removes Covid credit expiry dates, enables refunds

Qantas has responded to intense criticism about the amount of Covid-related flight credits that were due to expire at the end of the year.

The airline has announced that it will remove the expiry date on the credits, for both Qantas and Jetstar customers.

Following this decision, Qantas customers with COVID credits can request a cash refund, while Jetstar customers can use their COVID vouchers for flights indefinitely (but can’t get a refund).

To encourage more people to use their credits for flights, from 4 September 2023 Qantas is offering double the standard number of Qantas Points for any flights booked with a Qantas COVID credit before 31 December 2023.

The airline says that, due to system limitations, Qantas COVID credits can’t be converted into a travel booking after this date, but can be taken as a refund at any time.



Find your travel credit – Use the ‘Find My Credit’ tool on qantas.com
Request a refund – Call 1300 668 885
Use your travel credit – Visit qantas.com/travelcredit for specific advice based on your type of travel credit (most credits can be used online at qantas.com)
For more help – Speak to the Travel Credit Concierge team on 1300 171 505. If your original booking was made through a travel agent or third party website, contact them directly.


Find your voucher – Contact via Live Chat
Use your voucher –
 Visit Jetstar.com to book using your voucher (vouchers can be redeemed on all Jetstar fares, including sale and Club Jetstar fares, and on domestic or international trips)
Check your available balance –
 Use the Voucher Balance Checker on Jetstar.com
Extend your voucher – Jetstar customers can extend their vouchers indefinitely by contacting LiveChat or the contact centre after the voucher has expired.

If you’ve already booked travel with a Qantas COVID credit or Jetstar COVID voucher, you don’t need to do anything and there’s no change to your trip.

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  1. Have a $4200 voucher for a flight Jetstar stopped due to COVID but tricked us into saying “Yes” to would WE like to cancel the unavailable flight. Fecjkin’ rogues and scum.
    When I have used the last of this “credit” (actually stolen funds which they refuse to return), it will be the very LAST flight on either Jetstar or QANTAS in my lifetime.
    And they wonder why the community doesn’t trust airlines.

  2. To quote quote the Qantas rep that I spoke to they “purged” our covid credit because we hadn’t spent it. But as a show of good will offered us a refund of $1200 for three return flights to Dallas!!


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