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Beginner’s Guide to Earning Qantas Points: Simple Tips for Getting Started

Do you wish that you could make your travel dreams a reality without breaking the bank?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then collecting Qantas Points might just be the solution you’re looking for.

As Australia’s largest domestic and international airline, Qantas offers a unique opportunity for travellers through its Qantas Frequent Flyer loyalty program.

Not only can you earn points for your flights, but you can also amass points in many other ways, from everyday shopping to filling up your petrol tank.

And, the best part? You can redeem these points for an array of rewards including flights, upgrades, hotel stays, and much more.

If you’re ready to jump into the world of Qantas Points, here’s a simple guide to help you get started.

1. Join the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program

The first step is quite straightforward – you need to join the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

You can do this online through the Qantas website. Usually there’s a one-time joining fee, but we know a way around it. Check out our article on joining the program for free.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a membership number which you’ll use each time you earn or redeem points.

2. Understand How to Earn Points

The beauty of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program is the multitude of ways you can earn points.


While Qantas flights are an obvious source of points, partner airlines also contribute significantly to your points total.

These include all Oneworld alliance members such as American Airlines, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific, plus other select airlines like Emirates.

The number of points earned depends on multiple factors like the distance flown, booking class, and your Frequent Flyer status tier.

Credit Cards

Earning points on everyday purchases is by far the most lucrative way to amass Qantas Points.

Every time you shop – no matter how big or small – you can increase your Qantas Points balance.

Many Australian banks offer Qantas-branded credit cards. Some of these come with substantial sign-up bonuses and additional perks like travel insurance or lounge access.

Most points pros hold an American Express card in their wallet, as they generally have the best points earn rates and all-round perks. You can choose from:

You should also consider having a Visa or Mastercard that earns Qantas Points for when Amex isn’t accepted. Every bank offers these, so it’s a question of where you can get the best deal. Qantas’ website has a handy comparison tool.


Through Qantas’ partnership with BP, you can earn points every time you fill up or purchase items in store at bp.

To do this, you need to sign up to the BP Rewards program. We’ve written a separate article on this topic, which you can view here.

Qantas Marketplace and Online Mall

The Qantas Marketplace lets you buy both everyday and luxury goods directly on the Qantas website and earn points. The platform includes more than 20,000 products from 900+ premium and household brands.

The Qantas Shopping Online Mall, on the other hand, is a portal where you can earn Qantas Points for every dollar you spend on other retailers’ websites.

It has partnerships with a broad range of retailers, from fashion and beauty to tech and homeware brands.

The way it works is that you visit the Qantas Shopping Online Mall and log in with your Frequent Flyer details, then select a retailer and click on the Shop Now button to be redirected to their website. Shop as normal there and your purchase will be tracked by Qantas, and you’ll earn points on that purchase.

The number of Qantas Points you’ll earn per dollar spent is listed next to each retailer. This can vary widely, and sometimes there are bonus point promotions, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these.

Qantas Wellbeing App

Qantas rewards you for staying healthy.

By linking the Qantas Wellbeing App to a compatible fitness tracker, you can earn points for activities like walking, cycling, and swimming.

You can also earn points for participating in health challenges and learning about healthy habits.

Qantas Wine

Qantas Wine is a popular wine retailer that rewards you with Qantas Points for each purchase.

It has regular bonus points offers on cases of wine, which are the best way to boost your points balance.

From high-quality reds and whites to premium spirits, earning points has never been so delicious.

Other Ways to Earn Points

You can earn points with Qantas’ travel partners. This includes hotels and Airbnbs booked through Qantas Hotels, and car hire with Avis and Budget.

You can also earn points on Uber rides to and from the airport.

Points can also be earned on cruises, holiday packages, and luxury rail journeys.

Qantas’ insurance products are another popular choice, including health, car, travel, home, and life insurance.

As always, compare prices with other providers to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

For the full range of points partners, visit Qantas here.

Using Qantas Points

Redeeming points for flights is the best way to go.

Qantas offers members a growing list of other redemption options: hotel stays, car hire, insurances, gift vouchers, household goods … the list goes on. But these almost always provide less value that spending the equivalent number of points on flights.

There are two ways you can book flights with Qantas Points: Classic Reward seats, which are cheaper but rarer, or ‘Points Plus Pay’ where you essentially purchase a regular cash fare using points. The latter are poor value and not recommended unless you’re desperate!

You can book reward flights on Qantas and any of its partner airlines.

On Qantas operated flights only, you can upgrade from one class to another (subject to various restrictions).

For more info, check out our article on the best uses of Qantas Points.

Summing Up

Whether you’re dreaming of a holiday or just love the idea of being rewarded for your everyday activities, the Qantas Frequent Flyer program offers a world of opportunities.

By understanding the wide range of ways you can earn Qantas Points, you can maximise the benefits of the program.

Our website has a range of detailed tips and guides on earning and using points.

We also recommend signing up for our email newsletter below so you can stay informed on points earning opportunities as they come up!

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