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You can now spend Qantas Points at bp – but the value isn’t great

Qantas has introduced a new way for frequent flyers to spend their hard-earned Qantas Points.

Yes, another one!

You can now use points to pay for fuel and in-store purchases at bp.

This is a new dimension to the existing Qantas-bp partnership, which already lets customers earn Qantas Points on purchases.

Spending points at bp sounds relatively easy:

  1. Fill up on fuel or shop in-store at a participating bp
  2. Scan your digital Qantas Frequent Flyer card from the Qantas app, Apple Wallet or Google Pay at the counter
  3. Select ‘accept’ when prompted on the pinpad to use points
  4. Enter your unique, 4-digit Reward Code displayed on your digital Qantas Frequent Flyer card in the pinpad to finalise your transaction

The Reward Code is a new feature which is now visible on your digital card. It’s different to your Qantas log-in pin and changes each time you use it, for security purposes.

When using Qantas Points at bp, you can pay for $10 of purchases with 1,900 points. That means you’re getting 0.53 cents of value per point – which is on the low side of redemptions.

For example, 19,000 points would pay for $100 at bp – but the same amount of points could get you an economy flight from Sydney to Perth (18,000 points + $44) or a business class flight from Sydney to Melbourne (18,400 points + $40), which is a much better deal.

Even redeeming points for hotels or wine via Qantas could bag you more value than at bp.

We always recommend evaluating all your options for using points so you can get the most benefit.

Qantas plans to roll out the ability to spend points at other retailers in the future. I expect the value proposition to be similar.

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