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New Qantas ‘Green’ loyalty tier to reward frequent flyers for being sustainable

In a bid to recognise and reward sustainable choices made by its customers, Qantas Frequent Flyers program is set to introduce a new Green membership tier, coming into effect next year.

This ground-breaking initiative from Qantas, the first of its kind worldwide, is an effort to encourage sustainable choices both in the air and on the ground.

The Green tier will be introduced as an addition to the existing membership tiers.

The intention here is not just to reward, but also to educate and inspire the airline’s extensive base of 13 million frequent flyers to make more sustainable choices.

These can range from choosing to offset their flights, opting to stay in eco-friendly hotels, walking to work, or even installing solar panels at home.

To qualify for the Green tier status, members will be required to complete a minimum of five sustainable activities each year.

These activities are categorized into six areas – flying, travel, lifestyle, sustainable purchases, reducing impact, and giving back.

Once a member achieves Green tier status, they’ll enjoy additional benefits such as bonus Qantas Points or status credits.

Importantly, these benefits will be over and above the rewards that members earn under their existing flying status or as part of Points Club.

This initiative is not just an attempt to promote sustainability among its members but is also a response to their feedback.

Research has shown that nearly two-thirds of Qantas’ frequent flyers are eager to be more environmentally conscious.

They appreciate being more informed about their environmental footprint and are keen on support to make more sustainable choices.

While the official start of the program is slated for next year, from today onwards, members who take certain actions, such as offsetting their flights, home and car, installing solar panels, or contributing towards the protection of the Great Barrier Reef, will see these actions count towards their sustainability targets for achieving Green tier status.

In addition, once the program officially kicks off next year, other environmentally friendly behaviours like walking to work, and contributing to the purchase of sustainable aviation fuel, will also be rewarded.

Sustainable aviation fuel, as it happens, significantly reduces the emissions from flying, thus playing a key role in reducing the environmental impact of air travel.

Further information on the green tier and how customers can offset their emissions can be found here.

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