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Qantas provides further status extension and status credit rollover

Qantas is giving frequent flyers additional support to maintain their status, recognising that limitations on travel continue to impact customers’ ability to earn status credits.

Since March 2020, Qantas has offered members a range of support mechanisms to retain their tier including status extensions, status credit boosts and the ability to earn them on the ground.

Last year, Qantas announced that Australian and New Zealander status holders with an expiry date of January to June 2022 could get a 12-month extension by simply booking one flight before the end of their membership year.

Now, this offer has been extended to members with a status end date of July to December 2022. Simply book an eligible flight between 28 February 2022 (today) and before your status ends, for travel to 31 December 2022, and your status will be automatically extended for another year.

Eligible flights are Qantas operated QF flights and Qantas Points-earning Jetstar international bookings with a JQ flight number. Domestic Jetstar bookings are not eligible.

Bookings can be paid with cash, Qantas TravelPass, Qantas Flight Credit, Qantas Gift cards or with Qantas Points (via a Classic Flight Reward or Points Plus Pay). Bookings through travel agents are also permitted.

Members who have received complimentary Gold status, or complimentary Platinum from a Platinum One member and those on status hold are eligible for this offer.

If you reside outside Australia and New Zealand, stay tuned for more information. Last time, Qantas automatically extended your status without requiring a flight booking. It seems likely the same will occur this time.

In addition, Qantas is giving members a head start on reaching their future status goals with the ability to rollover eligible status credits into their next membership year. The maximum number of status credits that can be rolled over is as follows:

  • Platinum One – 1800
  • Platinum – 500
  • Gold – 250
  • Silver – 100

The same requirement to have a flight booked before the end of your membership year applies.

Status Credits earned through flying or with partners on the ground will count towards the rollover, but those provided by Qantas as a bonus, support or gift will not.

For more details, visit Qantas here. 

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