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How to purchase one-off Virgin Australia lounge entry

Having access to an airport lounge can make a huge difference when travelling.

Not only does lounge access give you somewhere comfortable to work or relax before your flight, but if for some reason the flight is delayed, it makes waiting for it so much more bearable.

If you’re flying with Virgin Australia domestically, you can enjoy one of its lounges at major airports.

Currently, the airports with Virgin Australia domestic lounges are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Gold Coast airports.

Passengers in business class and those with Velocity Gold or higher status, as well as customers with paid lounge membership, always get access.

Access is also complimentary for holders of the superb American Express Platinum Card, and they can also bring in a guest.

Many other cards also come with complimentary single-use entries each year, such as the Amex Velocity Platinum Card.

But if none of these options is available to you, you may still be able to get in by stumping up some cash.

That’s because Virgin, unlike arch-rival Qantas, permits passengers to buy a single-entry lounge pass for $65 at lounge reception on the day of travel, from 2 hours before departure.

Whether that’s a good deal really depends on your personal circumstances.

As well as getting a stylish space to relax before your flight, the lounges offer guests complimentary food – typically a modest selection of hot and cold dishes – as well as bar service from 12pm.

Guests can also enjoy all-day barista coffee, complimentary wifi and shower facilities.

Virgin Australia Lounge, Adelaide

Virgin Australia Lounge, Melbourne

Be aware that Virgin no longer operates international lounges, so these spaces are only open to domestic travellers.

For more information about its lounge network and access rules, visit Virgin Australia here.

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  1. Can we pay to enter Lounge at Sydney T2 even if we are not flying with Virgin?
    We always use to use this lounge after transferring off an international flight from T 1.
    Happy to pay – such a great lounge.


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