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Get free international seat selection by booking directly with Qantas

Good news, overseas travellers!

Qantas has added two new benefits for customers who book international flights directly with the airline via its website or app.

First up, all Qantas Frequent Flyer members can now choose seats for free, so long as they’ve added their QFF number to the booking (if you’re not a member, join for free here).

Previously, some Qantas customers had to pay for seat selection, such as Bronze frequent flyers on the cheapest fares.

Now, so long as you’ve added your QFF number to the booking, this will be free (though you’ll still have to pay for prized seats like in exit rows.)

Be aware that this benefit is only available for flights departing Australia.

It’s already free to choose seats on domestic flights.

The second perk Qantas has introduced is free cancellations of bookings within 24 hours, with full refunds.

This is handy if you have a quick change of mind.

Bear in mind that Qantas also has a ‘Same Day No Mistake’ policy that lets you rectify a mistake on your booking by calling the airline by midnight the same day (with no need to cancel it).

And remember, to access these benefits, book directly with Qantas via its website or app.

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