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Air New Zealand reveals more details about Skynest economy sleep pods

Air New Zealand has revealed more details about its revolutionary new Skynest sleep pods – the world’s first bunk beds in the sky.

This innovative new product will give economy and premium economy passengers a chance to get some much needed shut-eye on ultra long-haul flights.

Passengers will be able to book a ‘bunk bed’ style pod for four hours as an add-on to their existing ticket.

The airline hasn’t finalised the price, but it’s likely to be between $400 and $600.

Air New Zealand Skynest sleep pods

Launching in September 2024, the sleep pods will initially appear on the Auckland-New York and Auckland-Chicago routes.

The airline’s Chief Customer and Sales Officer, Leanne Geraghty, says that “North America is the perfect market for Skynest, as it has a premium segment that values comfort and sleep during long-haul travel.”

Each passenger will be limited to one session, with families travelling on the same ticket able to book a session for each person, depending on availability. 

There will be six pods measuring at around 203 cm long and 58cm wide.

They’ll be located between the economy and premium economy cabins.

Skynest visualisation

Each pod will come with a mattress, pillow, sheets and blanket, as well as curtains for privacy.

Bedding will be changed for each customer, of course.

Passengers will also have access to ear plugs, a reading light and a USB outlet.

If the aircraft encounters turbulence, there’ll be a seatbelt in each pod for safety.

Air New Zealand says a four-hour session will be enough to enjoy two sleep cycles.

The lights will slowly come on at the end of each session to wake up passengers, with a gentle poke from the crew for anyone who sleeps through this.

As frequent flyers know, this isn’t the first time Air New Zealand has tried to innovate in the economy space. The airline will continue to offer its Skycouch product, which lets solo or multiple travellers book an entire row, with extendable seats and padding providing extra comfort.

Air New Zealand Skycouch

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