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WOW: 30% off most Velocity Points award bookings

Virgin Australia has launched a huge sale offering 30% off the points required for most award bookings.

The sale runs until 28 February for travel between 15 Mar 2018 and 9 Jan 2019.

It applies to flights operated by Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Alitalia, Delta Air Lines and Air New Zealand (Trans Tasman only), in all classes of service.

For example, I¬†just booked a Christmas period flight from Melbourne to Perth in Virgin Australia’s excellent A330 business class for just 24,800 points (normally 35,500) plus $20 per person.

Here’s a premium economy example: Melbourne to Los Angeles in August for just 50,100 points (usually 71,700) plus $106 one way.

Economy is just 31,300 points (usually 44,800) plus $133.94 on this route.

This is a fantastic opportunity to save points on flight bookings, if you have a trip in mind.

Happy flight shopping!

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