Qantas announces Melbourne-San Francisco route starting late 2018

By |2019-01-02T17:45:02+11:0015 December 2017|

It's a big day for Qantas. The airline's first Dreamliner 787 service to Los Angeles takes off today, and it's also revealed the name of its second Dreamliner ("Waltzing Matilda") and announced a new route: Melbourne to San Francisco. San Francisco becomes the second US city to get direct flights from Melbourne (alongside Los Angeles, [...]

Virgin Australia reveals plans to redevelop Melbourne Airport domestic terminal

By |2017-12-04T13:49:56+11:004 December 2017|

Virgin Australia today unveiled plans for a comprehensive redevelopment of its domestic terminal at Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 3 (‘T3’) over the next three years. As seen in concept designs released today, travellers will enjoy an enhanced and streamlined experience from arrival at the airport to taking off from the tarmac. By mid-2019, a new automated check-in [...]

Review: Qantas Boeing 737 Business Class

By |2020-04-15T12:42:13+10:004 December 2017|

The Boeing 737 is the workhorse of Qantas' fleet, making up more than half the planes Qantas operates. If you fly with Qantas on a domestic or short-haul international route, chances are you'll do so on a 737. I've flown in both economy and business class on a Qantas 737 many times. While the business class [...]