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Virgin Australia to restart Sydney-Canberra services with Link Airways

Virgin Australia is gearing up to restart flights between Sydney and Canberra, starting from the 30th of January 2022. This announcement comes as part of an exclusive agreement with Link Airways, promising over 50 services a week between these two capital cities.

Virgin Australia had initially paused these services in April 2020, right when the global pandemic was at its peak.

Now, Virgin Australia will be operating these services using Link Airways’ Saab 340 B Plus aircraft and crew. There are up to 9 flights per weekday that can be booked right now at

This is welcome news for everyone – whether you’re travelling for business, leisure or government purposes. With the resumption of these services, there’s now more choice and flexibility for those flying to and from the capital.

For those short trips with Link Airways, Virgin Australia customers will receive complimentary tea, coffee, and water.

This partnership with Link Airways is a strategic move for Virgin Australia. It allows them to expand their domestic network into markets like Sydney-Canberra, which were previously difficult to serve efficiently with their 737-800 aircraft.

To cap it all off, today’s announcement also included the reopening of the Canberra Lounge, with a fresh and improved menu.

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