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Rex to let economy customers bid for business class upgrades

Rex plans to launch an auction system that will let passengers bid to upgrade to business class on its domestic flights.

If you’re in economy, you’ll get an invite to bid for an upgrade a week before your flight. And if someone puts in a higher bid than you, you’ll be able to adjust your bid to try and win.

You’ll get a notification if someone else offers more than you, so you can decide if you want to bid higher.

Rex will set the minimum and maximum bid for each flight, so you won’t have to worry about overbidding.

The auction will end three hours before takeoff.

And to kick off the program, they’re starting the minimum bidding at just $10 for flights all over the country.

Rex has seven Boeing 737s in its fleet primarily flying between major east coast cities.

The aircraft were purchased from Virgin Australia and so will be familiar to many Aussies travellers.

Business class is arranged in a 2-2 layout across the first two rows.

Rex 737 business class

Rex is a full-service airline and all business class fares come with meals, complimentary beverages including beer and wine, and lounge access where available.

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