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Qantas to upgrade lounges in Auckland, Adelaide, Rockhampton and Port Hedland

Qantas announced today that it’s putting serious money into its Adelaide, Auckland, Port Hedland, and Rockhampton lounges.

Auckland International Airport

Qantas is set to totally revamp and expand its current lounge area at Auckland International Airport, a project that was delayed by the pandemic.

This will enhance the pre-flight experience for customers traveling between Australia and New Zealand, as well as those on the new Auckland-New York service.

The existing two lounges will be combined and redeveloped into a single Qantas International Lounge. It’ll also expand into a neighboring space, increasing overall capacity by around 40 percent, from 244 to 340 seats.

Design work will start soon, and construction will be done in stages so the lounge can stay open during renovations. The lounge will have features tailored for long-haul travel, based on positive feedback from other lounges like the Perth lounge.

Adelaide Domestic Airport

Qantas has plans to build a new 190-seat Business Lounge at Adelaide Domestic Airport and give their current Chairmans Lounge and Qantas Club a serious facelift.

This new Business Lounge will cater to all those business-savvy and premium leisure travelers Qantas has been attracting. Altogether, the three lounges will have a whopping 570 seats.

The Adelaide Airport lounge area revamp will start in the second half of 2023. South Australia’s tasty food scene and beautiful nature will play a big part in the design.

Rockhampton Airport

Qantas is building a new lounge at Rockhampton Airport to show their ongoing commitment to investing in regional Australia and as part of the airport’s overall facelift.

It’ll be double the size of the current one, with room for up to 60 guests, and should open its doors in November this year.

Port Hedland Airport

Qantas is also giving its Port Hedland lounge a makeover as part of a larger terminal upgrade. The new lounge will be much bigger, with enough space to quadruple the capacity to 120 guests. That’ll be perfect for the growing FIFO crowd.

The project is set to be finished by late 2023.

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