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Qantas launches status extensions for frequent flyers

In some uplifting news for frequent flyers, Qantas has announced that it will be extending its status support offer for top-tiered Frequent Flyer members who might be facing a possible tier downgrade.

This comes as a sigh of relief for travelers who, due to Australia’s ongoing border closures and domestic lockdowns, are finding it hard to accumulate the required Status Credits to maintain their membership status.

Qantas Frequent Flyer program comprises of five membership levels, starting from Bronze and culminating at Platinum One.

Each level comes with its own set of perks and benefits, with the offerings increasing as you ascend the ladder.

The difference between maintaining your Platinum status or dropping to Gold, or from Gold to Silver, can be significant in terms of member benefits.

In November last year, Qantas made a similar offer to its members who were at risk of dropping a tier.

Given the persistent travel challenges, it makes sense for the airline to extend this lifeline again.

This announcement by Qantas means that all Australian and New Zealand based tiered members (Silver and above) with a membership year ending on or before June 2022 can breathe a sigh of relief.

By simply booking an eligible flight before the end of their membership year, for travel until June 2022, they can secure their status for another year.

Once this offer is activated, Qantas will also roll over eligible Status Credits that members have earned this year into their new membership year.

This means that not only can members maintain their status, but they won’t lose out on the Status Credits they’ve managed to accrue in this challenging year.

At a time when the travel industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and travelers are having to adjust their expectations and plans, it’s heartening to see Qantas taking steps to support its most loyal customers.¬†While the journey may be bumpy, it’s clear that Qantas is doing its best to ensure its frequent flyers don’t lose their wings.

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