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Qantas Points will no longer expire automatically when you die

Qantas is making headlines for a positive reason today: the airline has announced it will revise a much-hated policy related to its frequent flyer program.

Previously, the rules of the program stated that the Qantas Points accumulated by a member would be automatically forfeited when they died. However, this is set to change in the coming weeks.

Qantas has decided to scrap the longstanding policy, labeled as inequitable by many, which prohibited family members from inheriting the unused points of their departed loved ones.

Soon, relatives will have the ability to reclaim these points. While the details haven’t yet been released, it looks like the revamped policy will provide a 12-month period in which family members can request the transfer of the remaining points to their accounts.

Virgin’s loyalty program, Velocity, lets members bequeath their points to friends or family through their will. The designated beneficiaries can easily acquire the points by providing the necessary documents to the airline from the executor.

Qantas’ decision to reevaluate and modify this particular policy is a welcome one for many, addressing longstanding concerns about the fairness of automatically voiding points.

Vanessa Hudson, the new head of the airline, has mentioned that this rule change is part of a broader review of various policies, hinting at more customer-centric modifications in the future.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand.

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