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Qantas Introduces New Boarding Process to Streamline Domestic Flights

Qantas is launching a new boarding process for domestic flights at four of Australia’s largest airports, aiming to reduce the time passengers spend waiting at the gate and to expedite seating onboard.

The initiative, termed Group Boarding, marks the first adoption of this system in Australia, although it is already employed by various international airlines.

Following successful trials in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, the new process demonstrated a significant improvement in punctual flight departures.

Group Boarding will allow passengers to board in smaller, more organized groups instead of queuing all at once, a common pain point in air travel.

Passengers will be assigned to one of six boarding groups, indicated on their boarding passes. These groups are determined by factors such as cabin class, Frequent Flyer status, and seat position on the aircraft.

Passengers’ boarding groups will be displayed on their boarding passes.

Signage and gate announcements will inform passengers when it is their turn to board.

The boarding pass scanner will only permit passengers to board once their group has been invited.

The phased rollout of Group Boarding begins today in Brisbane, followed by Perth on June 10, Melbourne on June 17, and Sydney on June 25.

The new process will initially apply to domestic flights operated by Qantas’ Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft.

Markus Svensson, CEO of Qantas Domestic, highlighted the significance of this change, describing it as the most substantial update to the airline’s boarding procedures in a decade.

“We’re continually seeking ways to address customer pain points and enhance their travel experience,” Svensson stated. “Group Boarding is designed to minimize the time our customers spend waiting to board and allows them to get settled more quickly.”

Qantas plans to familiarise passengers with Group Boarding before extending it to other aircraft types or airports.


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