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Qantas double status credits offer ends tonight

Qantas’ double status credits offer was scheduled to end yesterday but due to a “technical glitch” the airline has extended the promo until 11.59pm tonight (Weds 26 Feb).

Lots of people reported problems booking flights on Qantas’ website last night, so it’s great that the airline is giving customers extra time.

The updated offer info is now on Qantas’ site.

This offer applies to all Qantas domestic and international flights with a QF flight number operated by Qantas (i.e. no codeshares) for travel between 28 February 2020 and 14 February 2021.

You need to register for this deal here.

Status holders enjoy special perks on the ground and in the air. This can include lounge access, extra baggage allowance, priority boarding and more.  Further info about Qantas status tiers and benefits is available here.

With this offer you can book as many flights as you like, but make sure each person travelling on the booking registers independently.

And while you’re here, don’t forget that you can score a huge 100,000 bonus points, lounge passes and more with our favourite Qantas credit card for a limited time!

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  1. My silver runs out in August , and I’m not requiring flights to travel until November/ December…. does this mean my status will reset in August anyway and any flights I book now won’t be added to this year’s membership credits as it’s passed my membership year ?
    Sorry, I’m a little confused about this part
    Regards Tania

    • Hi Tania, if you qualified for silver this membership year it will continue next year. Otherwise if your status is going down to bronze in August, then booking flights for later in the year won’t help. Status credits are only earned when a flight is flown.

  2. Hi Kris Is double status credits offer booking worth for a silver member trying to retain his status during an start of the year as value for money matters to me.As my status credits is 0 at the moment with anniversary in Jan 21.

    • Hi Stan, it’s worth it if you aren’t overpaying for the fare right now. It’s been a year since we last saw a DSC offer so this may be your only chance before your status resets next Jan.


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