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Australians have earned over 1.5 billion Qantas Points on Qantas Wine purchases

Like many Australians, I LOVE wine, and buying wine through Qantas is one of the best ways to earn Qantas Points.

The Qantas Wine service is very convenient, it offers good quality drops, and there are often excellent opportunities to earn lots of bonus points.

Clearly, I’m not the only one who loves this points hack, because Qantas has released data today that shows Australians have earned over 1.5 billion Qantas Points from wine purchases since Qantas Wine launched in 2011.

Qantas Wine has even crowned its first “points millionaire”, with one person earning close to two million Qantas Points on red wine alone! (Sadly it’s not me).

The average Qantas Wine member earned approximately 10,000 points last year, which is actually quite modest given you can pick up that amount of bonus points on one moderately-priced case.

As the most popular varietal, Shiraz is responsible for sending the most Frequent Flyers on holidays, generating more than double the amount of points than the second most popular wine – Cabernet Sauvignon.

Head of Qantas Wine Lisa Hudson says: “Qantas Wine is a great way for our members to discover more than 2000 quality wines at all price points, handpicked from leading Australian wine regions by our expert buyers.”

“What we’re seeing now is people taking advantage of the points offering to get more value from their wine consumption, allowing them to enjoy their favourite tipple while topping up their points balance.”

When you buy wine from Qantas, you earn 1 Qantas Point for every $1 spent, and earn up to 10,000 bonus points per case.

Premium members earn 3 points per dollar spent plus get free delivery and other perks. Premium membership costs $99 or it’s free with some credit cards, like the Qantas Amex Ultimate Card.

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