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Australians can now use e-passport gates when entering the UK

Here’s some welcome news for Aussies travelling to the UK: you can now use automated e-passport gates to clear immigration at all UK airports and Eurostar train stations – avoiding the often-long queues at staffed immigration gates, as well as the often-grumpy immigration officials themselves!

This is available to all adults, as well as children aged 12 to 17 who are accompanied by an adult.

Visitors from New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the USA can also take advantage of the new system.

Until now, Australians who regularly visited the UK could pay a fee to join the Registered Traveller program and use automated gates, but now they are open to all Aussie passport holders – and using them is now free, with no pre-registration requirement.

The changes were announced by the UK government last year and were ‘switched on’ overnight – just in time for the peak travel season.

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  1. Fantastic news!! If you don’t have a premium pass that will speed up things dramatically especially at LHR! Will test it leaving LGW this week and returning to LHR in two weeks.


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