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Australian passport renewals are finally moving online

Good news, Aussie travellers!

The days of printing, filling out, signing, and physically witnessing passport renewal forms are numbered as the federal government looks to shift the passport renewal process online.

The move is part of broader work to enable statutory declarations and deeds to be digitally executed in a consistent manner around the country.

By transitioning from traditional paper-based methods to a digital approach, the government intends to eliminate the need for wet ink signatures and in-person witnesses.

This modernisation will not only streamline passport renewals but also set the stage for additional government services to move online.

The myGov portal, which currently provides just 15 services, will become the central online hub for accessing various Australian government services, including passport renewals.

Since document execution is overseen by the states and territories, the federal attorney-general’s department is working on legislation to establish a consistent nationwide approach.

The completion of legal and development work is expected within the next 12 months. Following this, services that rely on solemn declarations, including passport renewals, will be integrated into the myGov platform.

Users will be required to verify their digital identity using the myGov ID service, managed by the Australian Taxation Office.

Legislation to include state governments and businesses in this identity service is also being prepared.

Modelling suggest that this digital shift will result in significant time and cost savings for small businesses and individuals.

It’s definitely a big win for travellers, who can look forward to fewer of those annoying trips to the post office.

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