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You can now earn and use Qantas Points on holiday packages and tours

Qantas has expanded its partnership with TripAdeal – the travel business it acquired a majority stake in last year – to include premium private and small-group tour packages.

This offering is in addition to TripAdeal’s conventional holiday packages, which simply combine airfares and accommodation.

Qantas Tour packages include flights, high-end accommodation and itineraries led by a local guide. The current range includes lux trips to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, southern Italy, the Balkans, Egypt and Japan. All of these ready-made holidays can now be booked using Qantas Points.

For tours, it appears you get 1 cent of value per point used (e.g. you can cover $5000 with 500,000 points) while for holiday packages, you get around 0.85 cents of value per point (e.g. you can cover $5000 with around 584,000 points).

That’s much better value than using points at the Qantas Rewards Store – though you’ll typically get more bang for your points ‘buck’ by using points for reward flights or upgrades.

Frequent Flyers can also earn 3 points for every $1 they spend.

For more info, visit Qantas here.

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