One of the most useful services that American Express provides business owners is facilitating fast and secure payments to suppliers in Australia and overseas. This can help businesses improve cashflow, earn reward points and enjoy other benefits – and it’s part of a broader suite of payment solutions that Amex is known for, which also includes its foreign exchange services.

In this fourth article of our series on the American Express business card range, let’s take a closer look at these payment solutions.

American Express AccessLine

American Express AccessLine helps businesses streamline domestic and international payments, providing a platform through which business owners can pay supplier invoices with their Amex card, even if a supplier doesn’t accept card payments directly.

By using AccessLine, business owners can manage their all-important cashflow better. In addition, prompt payment to suppliers can help with negotiating early payment discounts to save money.

All American Express business cards (which we profiled in detail here) are eligible for AccessLine. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pre-register your supplier with American Express FX International Payments and place your order with the supplier
  2. To pay the supplier, log in to your account and enter the payment details, selecting your card as the settlement method, then choose when you want the payment to arrive
  3. American Express sends the payment to your supplier’s bank account in the currency of your choice (over 110 are available)
  4. The payment amount plus Amex’s fee of 2.15% are charged to your card as a purchase, which means you have time to pay it off.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if the supplier accepts card payments or not – either way, the money is deposited into their bank account, and you earn reward points and enjoy the cashflow benefits in the process.

Through AccessLine you also get comprehensive reporting to easily keep track of transactions.

FX International Payments

American Express provides a broader range of FX services to help businesses send and receive money. Amex’s global network, strong purchasing power and interbank relationships enable it to deliver very competitive FX rates and fees.

Key features of Amex’s FX international payments service include:

  • no setup or account maintenance fees, or fees for incoming currency payments
  • competitive fees for outgoing foreign and same currency payments
  • over 133 currencies sent globally
  • real-time foreign exchange rates (may not be available outside of business hours)
  • customer support, Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day
  • in-depth reporting: processing, reconciliation and transaction history all in one place
  • no software needed: use a simple and secure online platform
  • file upload: submit multiple payments in a single upload operation, saving time and reducing manual keying errors
  • link directly to Australian business bank account for settlements
  • receive transaction confirmation by email
  • earn reward points on transactions: all American Express business cards (profiled here) are eligible to earn points.

Through FX International Payments and AccessLine, American Express makes it easy to pay suppliers and send or receive currency, while also helping with cashflow management and providing an opportunity to earn reward points.

If you’re not yet an American Express card member, you can often score a huge swag of bonus reward points with a new card. To find out more, check out our overview of the card range here.

This article has been prepared in partnership with American Express. To view other articles in this series, click here.

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