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Review: Virgin Australia A330 domestic business class (“The Business”)

Virgin Australia completed its transformation from a low-cost carrier to a full-service airline long ago, but I still encounter people whose perceptions of the airline are tainted by its 'no frills' past. The fact is, Virgin Australia is competing directly with Qantas in the premium leisure and business travel markets, and doing so very well. Its fleet has grown [...]

By |2 January 2019|3 Comments

Review: Malaysia Airlines A350 Business Class

Before my recent Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney, I didn't know what to expect. I'd never flown long-haul with the airline before and my only prior experiences with it were a couple of short flights within South East Asia: not exactly good reference points for a long-haul trip. I was hoping for a high level of [...]

By |24 December 2018|2 Comments

Review: Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER first class

Singapore Airlines is renowned for offering some of the most stylish and comfortable experiences in the air, chief of which are its first class services onboard Boeing 777 and A380 aircraft. On a recent trip from London to Melbourne via Singapore, I was able to try first class on a Boeing 777-300ER and an A380, both of which are seen [...]

By |9 December 2018|0 Comments

Review: Qantas Boeing 737 Business Class

The Boeing 737 is the workhorse of Qantas' fleet, making up more than half the planes Qantas operates. If you fly with Qantas on a domestic or short-haul international route, chances are you'll do so on a 737. I've flown in both economy and business class on a Qantas 737 many times. While the business class experience can be hit [...]

By |4 December 2017|3 Comments

Review: Qantas A330 domestic business class ‘Business Suite’

Qantas set a new benchmark for domestic business class travel in 2014 when it launched the 'Business Suite' on its refurbished A330s. I often fly between Perth and Melbourne in the Business Suite and, when it’s coupled with good meals and service (as it usually is), it's a fantastic experience in the air. Upgrading or booking an award seat [...]

By |23 August 2017|0 Comments

Review: Emirates A380 Business Class

Emirates is regarded as one of the world'd best airlines, thanks in no small part to the excellent business class experience onboard the airline's flagship A380s. Flying with Emirates is a convenient and popular choice for travellers around the world. In Australia we have the added benefit of the airline's partnership with Qantas, which includes codesharing and reciprocal frequent [...]

By |15 August 2017|7 Comments

Review: Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class (Sydney to Tokyo)

Japan Airlines (JAL) is one of the world's most highly regarded airlines, so my expectations were high before my first ever business class flight with it, from Sydney to Tokyo. It didn't disappoint. The advanced Boeing 787 Dreamliner that JAL operates on this route, together with the airline's excellent customer service, dining and seats, made for a stylish, comfortable and memorable flight. I [...]

By |25 April 2017|13 Comments

Review: Qantas A380 Business Class, Dallas to Sydney

Qantas flies the A380 to some of its most popular overseas destinations including Los Angeles, Dallas, Singapore and London - and naturally many customers want to know what to expect before they board. When travelling in business class on a red-tailed superjumbo, passengers enjoy a very comfortable journey. It's not quite at the standard set by some of Qantas' [...]

By |2 February 2017|12 Comments
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