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Review: Emirates A380 First Class – one of the most luxurious ways to fly

Emirates is one of only a handful of airlines to bring first class to Australia, and on the carrier’s flagship A380 that means enjoying one of the world's most luxurious ways to fly. Emirates is a popular airline in Australia due to its extensive network and partnership with Qantas. It flies not only from Australian capitals to Dubai and beyond, [...]

By |5 May 2018|8 Comments

Review: Qantas Boeing 737 Business Class

The Boeing 737 is the workhorse of Qantas' fleet, making up more than half of all the planes that Qantas operates. If you fly with Qantas on a domestic or short-haul international route, chances are you'll do so on a 737. I've flown in both economy and business class on a Qantas 737 many times. While the business class experience [...]

By |4 December 2017|1 Comment

Review: Emirates A380 Business Class

Emirates provides one of the best business class experiences in the air on its flagship A380s, with great service, dining and comfort on board. Flying with Emirates is a convenient and popular choice for travellers around the world, and in Australia we have the added benefit of the airline's partnership with Qantas. If you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer [...]

By |15 August 2017|5 Comments

Review: Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class (Sydney to Tokyo)

Japan Airlines (JAL) is a highly regarded airline and expectations were high before my first ever business class flight with JAL, from Sydney to Tokyo. The airline didn't disappoint. The advanced Boeing 787 Dreamliner that JAL operates on this route, together with the airline's excellent customer service, dining and seats, made for a stylish, comfortable and memorable flight - one of the best [...]

By |25 April 2017|12 Comments

Review: Qantas A380 Business Class, Dallas to Sydney

Qantas provides a comfortable business class experience on its A380s, but not at the standard set by some of its competitors. The key problem is the outdated seat design - something the airline will address with an A380 refurbishment program starting in 2019. Despite this, I quite enjoy flying Qantas business class, mostly because the crew tend to be quite friendly, [...]

By |2 February 2017|12 Comments