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Earning points tips

New to Uber? Earn 2,000 bonus Qantas Points

If you're not an Uber customer yet, here's an easy way to pocket a handy 2,000 Qantas Points with your first Uber ride. Qantas is offering 2,000 bonus points when you link or set up an Uber account via the Qantas app or at qantas.com/uber and subsequently request your first ride within Australia through either the Uber or Qantas app. Each Qantas Frequent Flyer member can earn a maximum of 2,000 Qantas Points under this offer. It cannot be combined with [...]

How to prevent Qantas and Velocity Points from expiring

Earlier this week I shared a news article on Facebook about Qantas Frequent Flyer members who were "furious" about their points expiring. Articles like this have been popping up in the media fairly regularly lately. I’m always amazed to hear that people have allowed their points to expire. Sure, mistakes do happen and sometimes I sympathise with people's stories, but that’s not the case when they haven't bothered to find out what the rules are and then decide to complain [...]

ICYMI: How to pay ALL business expenses with a credit card and earn points, thanks to B2Bpay

As both a business owner and a points lover, I really don't like seeing money leave my business bank account to pay an invoice and not earn any rewards points in the process. The same goes for paying a bill with a credit card, only to find it’s ineligible to earn points or attracts a reduced points earn rate (as often happens with payments to the tax office, other government bodies, insurance companies and telco firms). Until recently, we business [...]

Qantas Frequent Flyer switches on points earn with energy retailer Red Energy

Qantas Frequent Flyer members can now earn Qantas Points on eligible energy bills with Red Energy, Snowy Hydro’s energy retailer – giving them a new way to earn points on their everyday household expenses. This is Qantas' first partnership with an energy retailer. Members have the choice of signing up to the Qantas Red Plus plan to earn seven Qantas Points per dollar on their bill or they can opt for the Qantas Red Saver plan and access a [...]

Woolworths joins the Qantas Online Mall: earn 2 Qantas Points per dollar spent

Shopping for everyday items online via the Qantas Mall and Velocity eStore is a simple way to earn more points, as I've written about many times in the past. Both Qantas and Virgin Australia can connect you to dozens of retailers, from department stores to specialty outlets, allowing you to earn more points than you would by simply going to the retailer directly. The Qantas Mall has added Woolworths to its mix of retail partners, which means you can now [...]

Love wine? Make sure you earn Qantas Points when buying it

One of my favourite ways of earning Qantas Points is buying wine through Qantas' wine club, epiQure. Not only is it a very convenient way to purchase wine, but the quality tends to be excellent, and if you time your purchase right, you can earn a stack of Qantas Points with it. epiQure regularly offers bonus points with cases of wine, with up to 10,000 points available per case. The size of the bonus tends to increase with the price of [...]

How to earn frequent flyer points on rent (and make sure it’s worth it)

For many of us, rent is one of the biggest costs in life. We spend thousands of dollars each year on rent, with the money usually flying out of our bank accounts as a direct debit - and without earning any rewards points. But what many tenants don't realise is that there may be a way to leverage this spending and earn points by paying with a credit card. If you're a tenant and you haven't looked into this, [...]

How I earned over a million frequent flyer points in 2017

Each year I aim to earn at least 500,000 frequent flyer points by channeling all my spending through high-earning credit cards, taking out the occasional new card, being tactical about where I shop, special points offers, and more. Last January, I wrote about how I earned over 800,000 points in 2016 - my best year on record - and that I didn’t expect 2017 to be as lucrative because of the looming changes to the credit card market. Well, it turned out [...]

Earn up to 200,000 points each year by referring friends and family to American Express

One of my favourite perks of being an American Express cardholder is that I can earn points by referring family and friends to AMEX. With a generous amount of points on offer for each successful referral - capped at 200,000 points per year – this is one of the simplest and most lucrative strategies I use to boost my points balance. AMEX’s referral program is unique in Australia and it’s open to anyone who holds an eligible card issued [...]

How much should you “pay” for a point?

It’s so easy to earn points these days but often those points have a cost. That might be due to a credit card surcharge, paying more to shop with a specific retailer, or another factor, like the time and effort required. Many people refuse to pay extra to earn points, but I think that can be a mistake. If you want to travel more (or better) you should be actively considering opportunities to earn points at a cost, so [...]

How my partner and I earned a million points in six months

Back in January, I wrote about how I earned 800,000 points in 2016 and that I doubted I could match that feat this year because of the looming changes to the credit card market. The other day, I did a quick tally of the points I earned so far in 2017, and I was pleasantly surprised, as it looks like this is going to be my biggest year yet. In fact, with my partner also playing the points game [...]

Earn thousands more frequent flyer points by shopping online

You can rapidly increase your frequent flyer points balance by doing more of your shopping online. I earn up to 10 Qantas and Virgin Austrlia Velocity points per dollar when I buy clothes, shoes, personal items and household products - and many other things - online. It's so easy, and when you consider the huge amount of money you spend on these items each year, leveraging this spending to earn more points can be very lucrative. I also like online shopping for [...]

How I earned over 800,000 Qantas Points in 2016

Every year I aim to earn at least 500,000 frequent flyer points through strategic credit card sign-ups and spending, shopping, flying and other means. In 2016, I aimed even higher and finished with a haul of 819,875 Qantas Points (plus a handful of Virgin Velocity points) – my best year yet! As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited about all the stylish travel this will bring. That's easily enough points for two business class trips overseas for me and my [...]

How I earn over 500,000 frequent flyer points each year without even flying

I easily earn over 500,000 frequent flyer points every year without stepping foot on a plane. That’s enough points for an overseas holiday each year in business class, plus a few domestic flights as well. Here’s how I do it. credit cards – my wallet holds several high-earning credit cards and I usually take out a new card each year when it comes with a big sign-up bonus I pay for all of my everyday spending with those high-earning credit cards, including [...]