Virgin Australia has a new hotel booking service powered by Expedia which allows Velocity members to earn points on hotel stays.

It can be found at and bookings earn a handy 3 points per AU$1 spent.

This service is similar to the hotel booking site that Qantas has operated for some time. But whereas Qantas provides access to around 200,000 hotels worldwide, Virgin Australia has upped the ante with access to over 650,000 hotels!

Personally, I wouldn’t use Qantas’ or Virgin’s hotel booking services unless they were offering bonus points. Both occasionally run promotions where you can earn up to 9 points per $1 spent. Other than during those periods, I prefer to use:

  •, where I get a free night’s stay after 10 nights (i.e. effectively 10% off)
  • the American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts program or Hotels Collection, which deliver loads of valuable benefits (I access these thanks to my Platinum Card; the Hotels Collection is now also available to holders of the Explorer Credit Card) – for example, last year in Vienna, I scored over 600 Euros of benefits
  • a hotel directly, if I have elite status, which I do with many chains thanks again to my Amex Platinum Card – for example, last year in Japan I checked into a Hilton hotel with gold status and scored $1000 of complimentary benefits.

Before you book through any channel, make sure to compare all your options so that you’re confident you’re getting the best deal.

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