Virgin Australia and flybuys are offering double Velocity status credits this month when shopping at Coles, First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland.

The way it works is that “linked” members (those whose flybuys and Velocity accounts are linked) can earn 2 status credits per $100 spent, up to a max of 20. Linked members can manually transfer their flybuys points to Velocity whenever they choose, and normally earn 1 status credit per $100 spent, up to 10 each month.

“Auto transfer” members whose points are automatically sent to Velocity each month can earn 4 status credits for every $100 spent, up to a maximum of 40, which again is double the usual amount.

You can link and set up auto transfer on the flybuys website. You must remain linked until 31 October 2021 to receive the bonus status credits.

For more info, visit flybuys here.

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