Credit Cards Disclosure

The High Life may receive a commission if you apply for a credit card via a link in one of our articles. We currently receive between $225 and $400 per application or new approved account, with the exact amount varying depending on the card and the sign-up offer available at the time.

The links in our articles are outbound and take you to a credit card issuer’s website. The application and your personal information are handled by the card issuer.

We partner with select credit card issuers to publish overviews of one or more of their cards. We do not write about all cards and/or sign-up offers available in Australia.

Our articles present publicly-available facts about credit cards. We do not compare or include all features or fees of the products that are covered. We also do not provide recommendations about credit cards, as one card may be more suitable for a consumer than another.

We do not intend for our articles to constitute financial product advice, and you should not rely on them as such. Our articles are also not intended to suggest to you to apply for a particular card, and it’s important that you seek independent, professional advice and consider your personal circumstances before making a decision to apply for a card.