One of my favourite perks of being an American Express Card Member is that I can earn points by referring family and friends to Amex. With generous rewards on offer for each successful referral, this is one of the simplest and most lucrative strategies I use to build my points balance.

Amex’s referral program is unique in Australia and it’s open to anyone who holds an eligible card. Not only does the program allow you, as the “referrer”, to be rewarded, but often your friend also benefits by getting a bigger sign-up bonus than is publicly available. That makes it a win-win!

Until 28 August 2019, Amex is boosting its referral bonuses to make it even more enticing for existing Card Members to refer family and friends.

If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, read on for an overview of how it works and then click here to get your referral link.

How you earn points as the “referrer”

The bonus you receive as the referrer depends on the Amex card you hold, not the card your friend gets (your friend can choose from multiple cards – more on that later).

The table below shows the reward you receive for a successful referral, both normally and during the current accelerated offer period.

Card held by referrerBonus for referrer (normally)Bonus during booster period (ends 28/8/19)
Qantas co-brand cards
Qantas Amex Discovery / Classic Card20,00030,000
Qantas Amex Premium Card30,00045,000
Qantas Amex Ultimate Card40,00060,000
Velocity co-brand cards
Amex Velocity Escape Card20,00030,000
Amex Velocity Gold Card30,00045,000
Amex Velocity Platinum Card40,00060,000
David Jones co-brand cards
David Jones Amex Card30,00045,000
David Jones Amex Platinum Card40,00060,000
Amex own-brand cards
Amex Essential Cards20,00030,000
Amex Platinum Edge Credit Card30,00045,000
Amex Explorer Credit Card40,00060,000
Amex Platinum Card / Centurion Card45,00060,000
Selected Professional Members Association cards and retired cards varies$200

The maximum number of points you can earn through Amex’s referral program is 200,000 points per calendar year. Amex is offering an additional cap of 200,000 points for the campaign period to 28 August, which means if you haven’t referred anyone yet this year, you can earn up to 400,000 points until 28 August. (The cap for cards that earn $200 of credit per successful referral is $600.)

Your friend must apply by 28 August 2019, and then be approved, for you to qualify for this opportunity.

How your friend earns points

If you hold a Qantas, Velocity or David Jones co-brand card, your friend can apply for any card in the same ‘family group’, those being:

  • Qantas co-brand cards: Qantas Amex Ultimate Card, Qantas Amex Premium Card, Qantas Amex Discovery Card
  • Velocity co-brand cards: Amex Velocity Escape Card, Amex Velocity Platinum Card
  • David Jones co-brand cards: David Jones Amex Card, David Jones Amex Platinum Card.

If you hold an Amex own-brand card, your friend has more choices. They can apply for any of the above co-brand cards or the Amex Explorer Credit Card, Amex Essential Credit Card, Amex Platinum Edge Credit Card and Amex Platinum Card.

When you send your referral link to a friend, they can see all the cards they can apply for at the bottom of the page.

The bonus your friend receives is based on the card they choose. As always, they’ll need to meet eligibility criteria and minimum spend requirements to get the bonus.

Here are the current bonus offers for new applicants who use a referral link. (For comparison, I’ve also shown the bonus for applicants who don’t use a referral link, which is often lower).

Card selected by friendBonus with a referral linkBonus without a referral link
Qantas co-brand cards
Qantas Amex Discovery Card10,0000
Qantas Amex Premium Card40,00030,000
Qantas Amex Ultimate Card65,00055,000
Velocity co-brand cards
Amex Velocity Escape Card10,0000
Amex Velocity Platinum Card60,00050,000
David Jones co-brand cards
David Jones Amex Card25,00015,000
David Jones Amex Platinum Card40,00030,000
Amex own-brand cards
Amex Essential Credit Card10,0000
Amex Platinum Edge Credit Card10,0000
Amex Explorer Credit Card60,00050,000
Amex Platinum CardUp to 150,000 (special offer)Up to 150,000 (special offer)

How to obtain and share your referral link

If you’d like to share your referral link with friends and family, follow these steps:

  1. click here to go to Amex’s online referral hub or go to the Amex app on your smartphone
  2. log in with either your UserID and password, or with your credit card details
  3. if you hold multiple Amex cards, choose the card you want to create a link for
  4. read and agree to the terms and conditions
  5. the link will be displayed on the page, ready for you to share.

Once your friend receives the link, they simply click on it and apply for a card in the usual way. They must use your link for you to get the referral bonus.

Click here to get your referral link from Amex.

If you’re not yet an Amex card member and you’d like to become one, check out the reviews of our favourite cards here.

American Express is one of our valued partners. This article is sponsored by American Express.

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