Air New Zealand has announced a new initiative to reward frequent flyers with bonus Status Points, called “Frequent Flyer Status Boost”.

From 1 August 2019, the airline will give its Elite and Gold-level frequent flyers bonus Status Points when they complete 10 “Status Boost Journeys” in a tier status year.

A Status Boost Journey is defined as “each Status Point transaction earned on Air New Zealand or Qualifying Partner Airline Flights that appears in your Airpoints activity”.

This bonus is exclusive to Elite and Gold members. Elite members will earn 30 bonus Status Points for every 10 Status Boost Journeys completed, while Gold members will earn 15 bonus Status Points.

Bonus Status Points will count towards retaining status, moving up to Elite or earning an Elite banked year, just like the regular Status Points earned when flying.

There’s no limit to how many times you can earn a Status Boost within a year.

On your status review date your Status Boost Journey counter will be reset to zero. You can’t roll any completed journeys over to the next year.

If you upgrade from Gold to Elite, your Frequent Flyer Status Boost counter is reset to zero, but AirNZ says that “if you were on your way to completing 10 Status Boost Journeys, we will give you a partial Frequent Flyer Status Boost to start your new Airpoints Elite year.”

Frequent Flyer Status Boost starts on 1 August 2019, so depending on your next tier status review date, you may have less than 12 months to complete 10 Status Boost Journeys.

More information is available on AirNZ’s website, here.

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